I’ve been meeting with people all month building awareness of what I do and not once has the word resume come up.  Yeah, people still want to see my work but it’s more like “do you have a web site?” or “where’s your portfolio?”.  I believe that by the time my sone Braeden, who is almost a year old, is old enough o drive his web presence will be looked at more than any resume.  I believe it will be about who he has surrounded himself with and what relationships he has built.

It’s happening now if you think about it.  Employers are using FaceBook to find out who applicants really are and it’s working.  The only difference will be that employers will soon be going to www.braedentohill.com to see what’s happening.  I have purchased URL’s for myself, Hollie, and Braeden knowing that soon they will be more valuable than the traditional resume.

By the way, if you’re interested in checking out a domain www.1and1.com has domains for $.99 for the first year.  You really can’t beat that.