Today marks the first day that I begin to log my life online and I am excited and have a perfect way to start.  I began shooting a new music video yesterday for “World On Fire” written by Michael Logen and Jacquire King.  The process has been amazing and challenging.  You would think that I would get the picture early on that whatever I imagine in my brain about a location is always going to be exaggerated.  Working with independent artists I don’t always get an oppoerunity to see a location before we shoot and it was no different in this case.

Michael did a great job picking out this place.  It was Andy Hunt’s studio in east Nashville and it had an amazing upright piano with the hammers exposed.  It looked great.  The problem was that the room was a little tighter than I had thought.  Well…it was a lot tighter.  I had these grand ideas in my brain as I began to plan shots and then as I looked around the room I had to trash everything and start all over.

I knew that I had to give the illusion that the room was bigger than it was so I began the video with a dolly shot from the floor behind Michael pushing in as he was playing.  I used my 16-35mm lens for this and it worked great.  As far as lighting, I was going to use my Lowel Tota light set which consists of  two 750 watt lights that I typically use but I wanted this shoot to be as dark as possible.  I know I probably could have pulled it off with these but to be safe I decided to use my trusty 1,000 watt work light from Home Depot.  This light is set up with two 500 watt lights so I just used one of these along with a diffuser that a good friends mom made.  This worked great for what I wanted.

For some random texture and subtle lighting I used two of those $8 light reflectors again from Home Depot with some halogen lights.  This just gave a different temp than the main lights on Michael.  The video’s coming together great and as I would love to have a bunch of lights at my disposal this goes to show you that with a little creativity you can make almost anything work.