I am happy to announce that after much much thought and prayer Hollie and I have decided to finally take PatrickTohill Productions full time. As of January first I have officially been self employed and have resigned from my old occupation. This was a major leep of faith since, honestly, we had nothing on the calendar for January when I left my old job. As my friends encouraged me they continued to support the idea that I needed to take a step back to move forward. It was difficult to think about it in the moment but looking back it was the best decision I have made. I started full time at my own business on Jan 1 with no work lined up and as of today I have been working no-stop.

All of this must be credited to God and his blessings but I also believe that persstance is huge as well. God gives me great opportunities but I have the choice to capitalize on those opportunities as they come. One moment in particular that I keep thinking about is the first gig I locked down after I left work. My first day as my own boss I made a call to an acquaintance I met on a previous video shoot. I knew nothing about this guy and he had no idea who I was. In passing at the shoot we exchanged numbers and said we should hok up some time and talk. Well, he is a super busy guy and I doubt I was at the top of his list so on my first day working I called my new friend and set up a meeting that next day. At the lunch meeting we locked down a short film shoot that he thought of on the way to the meeting that morning. I am confident that this guy would not have contacted me and the fact that I contacted him and made him believe that he needed my services I got work out of it, a great relationship, and greater experience.

Put yourself out there.