This is exactly what I was told on the phone today while trying to talk to a vender that messed up my order.  He literally told me that he would lose money if he expedited my shipping to make up for his company delaying production for a week.

This interaction with a company that I will keep nameless because it is not worth the effort to mention them is so frustrating to me.  Being in the business of service I can’t stand when a problem is dealt with denial and lack of responsibility.  When I create a video for a client they expect excellence or they will not be satisfied and I expect to give them excellence.

If for what ever reason I ever would screw up bad enough that the project is in ruins and it is my fault then I would super serve that client and do whatever I can to fix it.  It is definitely unfortunate to have to eat the coast of time or supplies but is it really worth a bad wrap and a lost customer.  I will never do business with this company ever again and I will make sure that if someone asks where they can get this service I will definitely tell them to go elsewhere and it was all because a manager on the other end of the phone was too worried about losing money on one measly box that weighed no more than a few pounds.

In your business or profession make sure to serve the client well.  This goes well beyond the services you provide up front but it also includes any interactions with the client after the service is provided whether it be technical support for a product you sold or simply overnighting a package to make up for lost time.  Don’t get so overwhelmed with the idea that you are right (when you’re not) and let a customer go over small issues.  Own up to your mistakes and make it right.