Today I had the honor on working with Joelle Maddyson, a singer, songwriter here in Nashville TN. We shot her music video today for Here I Stand. The song is fairly dark and I had some ideas in my head of how I wanted this shoot to go. As are most of my shoots, I had no idea what the room was going to look like. I was imagining a dark room with a little light from outside seeping in. Very emotional.

As I walked in it was quite the opposite of what I had imagined. It was a beautifully decorated house with a bit of a beach house theme. Very warm and bright colors. A lot of blues and whites. This is fine if you’re not intending on shooting a darker video. The picture above will show you a bit of the room.

Now I had an amazing looking antique piano I could feature so I embraced that. I decided to stay away from any wide angles because I felt that could jeopardize my concept so I stuck to very close shots and I threw 3 1 k LED pannels in Joelle’s face so I could have a very dark exposure. This helped create the illusion of a smaller and darker room than I was working with.

This shoot turned out great and I can’t wait to show you the finished product.