Yesterday I had the privilege of working with Michael Logen again finishing up the video shoot for World On Fire.  We shot at a friends house of Michael’s and it was an amazing location.  It was challenging because there were quite a bit of obstacles.  The house is lived in so the owner was gracious enough to let us completely remove all furniture from one room and the hallway so we had about two hours of prep before I could get set up light wise and it was well worth it.

I wanted the house to be totally empty to give a cool, dark vibe.  The star of the story is a young boy that Michael knew and he was great.  I had a vision of the boy walking down the stairs and me getting some great shots pulling away from him as he walked.  The problem was that the ceiling was so low on the steps that I couldn’t get a great shot without blocking all my light so we went to plan b, the hallway, and it was perfect.  I was able to get a great low shot looking up at the boy walking down the hall.  To get this I used my Cobra Crane mounted to my dolly and was able to get a great shot almost from the floor.

The whole experience was amazing and Michael and the boy did great.  There’s all kinds of great surprises in the video that you’ll just have to see for yourself so keep your eyes posted for the release.