One thing I’ve noticed while promoting my business is that people need to be introduced to a product multiple times before they even realize they need it.  Example, I have been sending out emails to a certain group of people that I have come across through the web.  it’s the same group of people and I have sent them an email explaining what I do once a month for the past 3 months.

One person would write me back every time with “wow, thanks.  I really need to do this” and that was it.  After this third email she finally called me and we booked a day to shoot.  Another had not responded once the past two times and then I sent another email just a few days ago and we are booked for November.

People need to be reminded that they need your service.  They may not know it and they may be slow to realize it but if you are diligent it will pay off.  There’s a reason why billboards on the side of the interstate cost so much.  Yeah, you drive past them and half the time it’s too fast to notice anything.  Think about it, you drive the same route every morning and eventually you’re going to remember that service or [product when the question comes up.  Same goes for you when you’re advertising.  keep your word out there and don’t give up when you feel like no one is listening.  They are but they just don’t know it.