If you ask any sales person about what is important to their success chances are one thing mentioned will be repeat business.  Having repeat customers helps in many ways.  It takes a lot less energy to work with a repeat client the second time around and even less energy the third time and so on.  Repeat customers also will bring you referrals which are priceless again, because this is one less step you need to worry about when confronting these potential clients.

Repeat business is what keeps a company going in my opinion.  I feel that in any field there is always more than one opportunity for any particular person to use a service.  As for referrals, it’s the same idea.  You can think of your repeat clients as employees because no one will get the word out about your business better than a customer that has had a great experience that you have provided.

There are some simple and basic principles that I believe are key to keeping great customers and gaining referrals that will keep your business growing.

1. Always be up front with a price and know what you are talking about.  It’s not like you can’t give a deal if it is necessary but at least be comfortable stating your price.  If you don’t people will think you don’t know what you’re doing and they may run the other way.

2. Have different pricing options but not a 2 page list.  Keep it simple but show the client that you respect their budget needs and you are willing to work with what they have if you can. If you’re meeting with someone about doing a video shoot and they only have a certain budget then you should have an option at that level or somewhere near it.

3. Always show up on time to a gig.  Always be the first one there and the last to leave.

4. Provide the service you said you would and be prepared for anything.

5. Deliver when you say you will.  Always over estimate your timeline for getting a project done and that way, if anything, you will finish early.  Give yourself plenty of time to get what needs to be done finished but there needs to be a since of urgency.

Keep in mind that referrals and repeat clients are only a few key steps to a successful business.