You must be careful while building your business that you don’t stretch yourself too thin.  The key to being successful is to capture a market and continue to feed exposure through that market.  While you don’t want to be too broad you also can’t be so defined that your target is so small.

As a photographer you may decide that you are going to stay away from shooting weddings and your focus may be music, creative, and corporate.  This is a pretty healthy goal.  You still have lots of room in this area to find work.  In music and creative you have all kinds of genre’s and corporate can be anything from a small web business owner starting a blog to a large corporation.

The key is to commit to something and stick with it to build a reputation and a credibility that people can trust.  Most photographers that shoot weddings also shoot portraits and they may actually shoot all different kinds of things.  I’m not saying that it is necessarily a bad thing to attack all areas but it can become overwhelming and if you get overwhelmed then your business is at jeopardy.

The idea is to provide a great service and be around for a while so people can utilize your services.  The bottom line is that it’s ok to limit what you do.  Sometimes it may even bring more perceived value to what you do.  People always want what they can’t have.