A few weeks ago I had the honor of working with Matthew and Sonya from the gospel group The Browders on their music video for their new single, Fall On My Knees.  We spent one day shooting this video in my parents back yard.  The shoot went very well.  I used a dolly for a lot of the shots in the garden and also did a few hand held shots there as well.  In the church I focused more on the crane.  For the cellist during the solo I actually shot with both the dolly and the crane but in post I liked what the crane did for the shot.  I did use one quick scene of me pushing in with the dolly on the cellist.

I wanted to the church to be very dark but the problem I ran into in the second verse with Matthew walking through the church was that it was too dark.  I had no reference point so all it looked like was Matthew swaying from side to side.  To fix this I simply took one of my lights and aimed it down the pews to the back wall so it gave a little light and now I could see that Matthew was actually moving.

I had a blast and I want to thank The Browders for the opportunity.