What defines a successful business interaction?  This is a question that anyone who is planning to or is already working to serve people should be able to answer.  I think that some people are confused about this question.  I’ll just use the example of running your own business.  Some people assume that there is only one way to run the business and they are referencing stats from years past.  Any industry is just like the business of technology.  Things are always changing and we as producers and venders must creatively “keep up with the Jones’s”.

If you were providing a service and suddenly realize you have to take another job because that service you provide is no longer paying the bills then you may want to take a moment to re-evaluate your systems.  I feel like all companies and services go through this and it is imperative to stand out.  The law of supply and demand plays a part in every situation.

I feel that the visual media business has definitely hit this point.  If you were in the business 10 years ago you are used to running operations a certain way.  A crew of lighting technicians, second and third cameras, audio, and all kinds of stuff.  Years ago people would pay for this without the blink of an eye but today people have options.  It may not be pretty but the reality is that someone can go and buy a pretty nice DSLR camera and shoot 1080p video for less than $1,000.  It may not look as great as you can make it but they don’t care.  It’s free.

I won’t say that in all situations this is the case but I am confident that in most cases to succeed in this industry you have to be innovative and learn new tactics.  Your competition now is not other videographers but technology.  How are you going to react?