Whether you love or hat Apple you really can’t deny that Steve Jobs was a brilliant visionary and businessman.  He always gave people a reason to have the newest thing.

When Verizon finally got the iPhone they were in final negotiations with Apple and they wanted to put the Verizon check on the back of the phone like all of their phones and Apple simply responded with “no” and Verizon quickly accepted the terms from Apple.  Cell companies are now debating whether they will be able to compete without the iPhone and this is just one product.

Steve always seemed to steps ahead of where we were and he had the ability to make well calculated decisions for many products to come.  Rumor is that he not only was hands-on with the development of the new iPhone 4S but was also deeply involved in the next iPhone development along with other projects.

What are you doing in your business to make sure you are at least one step ahead of the game?  What can you do better to make people sell out for your product or service?