I’m not much for small talk and when it comes to certain things I just want to get to the point.  This is an important concept to grasp as you create your venture.  Weeks ago I landed a gig because I simply gave a flat price for my services.  In video there are lots of elements and moving parts both in post and during the shoot so I have to be smart when I price out a service.  The bar has been set very high with motion graphics making their way into video and I made a decision early on that I would not just nickle and dime people to death.

I realize that in my field in order to succeed I have to learn to be efficient and deliver excellent quality while keeping the price fair and competitive.  Other people in this field will charge extra for simple color correction.  In my opinion that is part of the deal.  The bottom line is that you need to have a firm and confident price structure that is fair for you and your customers.  My goal is to always create excellent content and keep my customers happy.