Ok all you musicians out there.  If you haven’t heard of SonicBids yet you need to look them up.  Before I was a videographer I was a fulltime musician and I wish we had taken advantage of SonicBids and their resources. These days the music industry as we know it has drastically changed.  Record labels are dissolving and the coveted “record deal” is out the window.  The mentality now in any field is to get it done yourself.  Thanks to the internet and all the social media out there we are now able to make decisions for ourselves by simply surfing the net for info or by building a loyal following through Twitter and Facebook.

This is where SonicBids comes into play for musicians.  The reason I have a job now is because of the changes in technology and mindset.  Bands don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a great looking music video when I can make a high quality video for not even a fraction of that price.  The same goes for the record companies.  You don’t need a label anymore to get the word out.  You just have to be smart and SonicBids is a way to start.  I’m not saying that they are the answer to success in the music industry but they are definitely on the right track.  You can create an EPK showcasing your music, image, and talents to thousands of promoters that are surfing the site daily for bands.

In any business there are multiple steps that need to be made in order to be a success and, as an artist, SonicBids is definitely a good place to start.