It’s always a good idea to have people in your corner.  As you grow your business building key relationships can make or break your business.  Yes, you won’t have work if you don’t call people but if you surround yourself with the right enfluence it will do nothing but help you grow.

Sometimes doing some free work is the smartest thing you can do as long as you can calculate some kind of benefit for it and that benefit may not just be money coming in the door later.  It could be something as you being that person’s go to when it comes to your service.  If you deliver a great product then you are in the loop with that person and they will remember you.

Make sure you do deliver though.  You can’t stumble into these moments and do half the work.  You need to work just as hard on these free projects as you would anything else and sometimes harder.  You can think of moments like these as investments.