So I mentioned referrals and repeat clients and how they are key to a successful business but how do we get those key relationships in the first place.  Every business owner is in sales whether he thinks so or not.  You can’t sit around and expect people to come to you.  Sometimes you can’t even draw a crowd by advertising alone.  You must reach out to people and make them think about your service you provide.

I will never quit cold calling and emailing new potential clients because that is the lifeblood of my business.  I said before that repeat clients and referrals are key, and they are but new customers are what keeps your doors open.  Without them you have no repeats and no referrals.  You must believe that your services are needed and that people just aren’t thinking about it.  You need to put a bug in their ear.

I have conversations every day with potential new prospects about video opportunities that end in them saying something along the lines of: “now that I think of it, I do need a video.”  That is what keeps me going.  The fact that before I made a simple phone call or, in most cases, a quick email this person had no thoughts at all about a video and how it could benefit them but after a ten minute conversation we are setting a time to meet for lunch.  Don’t let this mislead you though.  A rule of thumb I have is for every contact I make I expect a 10% rate of call backs or people who will actually respond to me.  Out of that batch I expect 1 person wo come through with a project.  So if I contact 100 people then 10 of those I expect to get a response back.  Out of those 10 I suspect maybe 1 person will book a gig.

Nothing will come to you.  You must go get it.